When do you have to call us?

With contractions

Most deliveries start with contractions. At the beginning the duration is still short and the contractions are irregular. Eventually they will come every 4-5 minutes and last for a full minute. These are the contractions that will take care of dilation. You can feel them in your belly, your back and sometimes in your legs. It feels like a surge and talking isn't possible during the contraction. Call us when you have this contractions for about an hour. Mostly this is the beginning of dilation and the contractions will get more intense. When it's your first delivery it can take 10 to 12 hours from now on. When you already had a vaginal delivery before it probably will be quicker this time. When your birthing phase begins it will feel like you have to push. Call us immediately when the midwife on duty isn't with you yet. 

Breaking of the water

Mostly this happens at night. Observe the color, the amiotic fluid has to be clear or a bit pink. When your baby's head is engaged you can try to get some sleep again and call us in the morning. If the baby's head isn't engaged or if the fluid is green or brown call us immediately, even if it's at night. When your water breaks during the day you can always call us immediately. 

Blood loss

It is normal to lose a little bit of blood mixed with cervical slime/mucus at the end of pregnancy.If you have severe and clear red blood loss always call us immediately. 

Less moving of the baby

If you don't feel your baby moving like you're used to, always call us. We will have to check the baby and maybe send you to hospital for an extra check (CTG monitor) of the baby.


When you're worried about something you can always call us.