During the last part of birth we will call a maternity nurse to assist us during delivery. She will come every day (the first week) during the puerperium or postnatal period to help you with taking care of your baby. She will also do the check-ups for mother and baby and will take care of some household chores.
We will come to visit you and your baby several times. We check the recovery of the mother and we weigh the baby to check it's growth. We also answer all your questions. We can help you with breastfeeding and we love to take time for this. If there are any problems or medical conditions the maternity nurse wil remark them and call the midwife on duty.
When you, as a parent, are worried you can also call the midwife on duty.

Next to that the maternity consults are nice to talk about your new experiences and to discuss your baby's birth. During the last maternity consult we will talk about contraception and about the 6 weeks check-up which will be at our practice again.

It is important to go to the municipality in the first 3 days after birth (the day of birth is the first) to register your baby.