Healthy Habits

Your baby deserves the best possible start!


Things that are good for you and your baby

  • Eat healthy and with a lot of variety.
  • Take folic acid pills from the moment you want to get pregnant and during the total pregnancy.
  • Take extra vitamin D (10 mcg) during the whole pregnancy.
  • It's also good to take a multivitamin for pregnant women and omega-3 capsules.
  • Eat food that's rich of iron, calcium, jodium, selenium, magnesium, omega-3 and proteïns.
  • Eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits. Do not eat to much milkproducts, bread, pasta, cookies etc.
  • Drink enough water and (herbal) tea (2L a day).
  • Always mind the hygiene and wash your hands. 
  • Use gloves when you're gardening.
  • Make sure you move enough, sports (at a normal level) are good to do.
  • A pregnancy course like yoga or HypnoBirthing can help you to get the trust you need and it can be good to prepare for the birth.
  • Sexual intercourse cannot damage the baby or cause a miscarriage. Sometimes you will have a little blood loss afterwards, that normal. As long as it is only a little bit of blood loss this will do no harm.
  • Going to the spa or sauna is no problem, as long as you drink enough so you don't feel dizzy.

Things to avoid

  • Do not eat pure liver or to much products made of liver. This contains to much of vitamin A and that can damage your baby in high concentrations. 
  • Don't eat raw or red meat or cheese made of raw milk.
  • Don't drink alcohol, it can damage the baby.
  • Don't drink to much lemonade or coke, there's a lot of sugar in it. That's not healthy.
  • Stop smoking and avoid rooms where somebody is smoking. Due to the toxins in the smoke your placenta gets less blood and as an effect of that the baby will get less oxygen and food. This causes growth retardations and can damage your baby.

Studies have shown that a baby develops a taste preference for the products his or her mother ate in pregnancy. So when you eat healthy during pregnancy, your baby will also like healthy food after birth. In this way you already influence your baby's long term health during your pregnancy.