Congratulations, you're pregnant!

Hopefully this will be a very special time in your life! Good obstetrical care is very important and we would like to guide you on your beautiful journey through pregnancy and birth and postnatal period!

First appointment (and first ultrasound)

The first appointment takes place between 6 and 8 weeks of pregnancy. During this appointment we will ask you for your personal and insurance data. We will do an ultrasound examination to see how far along you are, if there's a heartbeat and if everything looks normal. We always do an abdominal ultrasound examination, therefore it's important that your blatter is full when you come to us. 

Intake (and second ultrasound)

After the first ultrasound we will make an appointment for the intake. During the intake we will ask questions about your health, your partners health, previous pregnancies and births, your living habits and if there are any hereditary diseases or disorders in your family. The assistant will measure your blood pressure and your weight. We will give information about healthy food, healthy habits and prenatal screening. We will perform another ultrasound to make sure the estimated due date is correct. 

Pregnancy check-ups

During pregnancy you'll come about 12 times to the practice for the check-ups. In the first period every 4 weeks, from 24 weeks every 3 weeks, from 30 weeks every 2 weeks and from 36 weeks every week. If it's necessary you can come more often. During every check-up your blood pressure and weight will be measured. Sometimes during pregnancy we will take some blood from your finger to check your iron and sugar. We will measure the growth of the uterus and listen to your baby's heartbeat. We also check your baby's position in your belly. You can always ask questions.